What to do if Your Trainer Forbids You to Take Steroids?

Is natural bodybuilding a myth or a reality? Coming to the gym, the newcomer now and then hears that they can get fit without steroids. The growth of muscles and increase in strength with the help of steroids is usually the goal of people who want a quick visual result, but it’s not for athletes who use natural methods. Let’s figure out how to grow muscles without harm to health and without using chemicals. Consider a training program for natural athletes and denote a list of tips on nutrition.

Growing Muscles without Steroids: How to Break the Ceiling
Training stress is the basis of the natural progression of strength and muscle indicators. In this case, the body produces anabolic hormones. Another option is chemical products with a rapid effect on weight gain. When the natural level of progress has reached the ceiling, there is a choice in front of the athlete: continue working in the same mode or use help in the form of steroids.

Growing muscles without chemicals take time. The body is not a bottomless reserve with substances that can be pumped out on demand. The natural production of an anabolic hormone as a reaction to stress is limited to a certain amount. It is manifested when the limit of physiological capabilities and the growth of mass and strength is reached. When taking anabolic substances, the growth process is faster. Additional chemical stimulation transcends the ceiling. Growing muscles without steroids are real but not loose.

There are two ways to solve the problem. The first method is periodization. There are many types of it. However, the essence is the same: an athlete whose limit of physiological capabilities has been reached stops or takes a step back in the training process. Thus, the muscles become weaker. When the person starts training again, a hormonal response of the body will follow, which will break the resulting stagnation in the mass.

Besides, the training needs to undergo the following series of changes:
»The duration of the workout should be 40 – 60 minutes;
»The basis of the workout complex should be heavy basic exercises;
»Minimize other types of training (jogging, swimming) and establish a testing regime.

It is also essential for the athlete to properly allocate energy. Base exercises with healthy weights for each muscle group are perfect for that. These include the usual “base”:
• push-ups with an influence on the bars;
• wide grip pull-ups;
• bench-press and other exercises.

How to Train without Steroids
When growing muscles without the help of steroids, it is essential to follow the rules in the training process.

  1. Training plan. The program is based on a gradual increase in working weights — the created stress for muscle growth. The progress will happen only if there is consistency in work.
  2. Training volume. The number of exercises should not be significant. The best option for beginners: 2 essential activities for 3-4 times.
  3. The type of muscles you are working on. First of all, you need to focus on more substantial muscles first. They are amenable to growth without steroids, unlike smaller muscles.
  4. Discipline. Do not skip workouts. Without regular training, the increase in muscle mass is not going to happen.

Food, Daily Regime and Calories without Steroids
It is possible to gain weight without steroids if you follow the rules of the training process and break through the natural limit of muscle growth with stress. However, several essential aspects must be taken into account when avoiding steroids in training.

  1. Food. There will be no result without a proper diet. Muscles need to grow out of something. Eating is a nutritional base of muscle fibers. The easily assimilable protein of animal and vegetable origin is a necessity in the diet of the athlete. High priority products are:
    »poultry meat (chicken breast, turkey);
    »cottage cheese;
    »cereals, legumes, and nuts.
    For a high-quality growth of muscle mass, it is essential not to exceed the daily caloric intake of food. Excessive calories, especially in carbohydrates, can lead to an increase in subcutaneous fat, not just muscle.
  2. Sports nutrition supplements. With high-quality nutrition and a disciplined training process, all that you need is protein and vitamin-mineral supplements. They are complementary to overall muscle growth. The protein in the powder mixture can be added to cocktails.
  3. Recovery and rest. It is possible to grow muscles without anabolic steroids but not at the expense of the daily training. Wearing out your body with exercises every day will not lead to success. Your body needs time to recover and rest after a concentrated workout in the gym.
    Muscles require rest of up to 48 hours after hard work. It is possible to train every other day, but if the exercises were necessary and the working weight was increased, it is better to take a break for two days and return to the gym after a full recovery.

Additional Tips
Gaining weight without harm to health is real. You need to take into account all the components and know the nuances. For example, quality sleep. The duration of night rest for an athlete is 8-10 hours. The best time to fall asleep is from 10.00 to 12.00PM. During a good and healthy sleep, the body is restored, and the muscles are gaining long-awaited volumes.

To avoid injuries while working with large weights during basic exercises, it is essential to warm up and follow the technique. At the same time, weight gain should be gradual.
Besides, to feel clear progress in muscle growth, you need to divide your training program into microcycles: light, medium and heavy workouts.

For those who say that it is impossible to grow muscles without steroids, there are many vivid examples of athletes who created something incredible with their bodies. They strictly adhere to the periodization of the training process, pierce the mass ceiling by natural methods, carefully monitor their food, rest and recover. This approach is the way to success without steroids.

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