I am an impotent, what should I do?

For a long time, the diagnosis of “impotence” was given to all men, without exception, who complained to the doctor about the reduction in the duration and strength of erection.

Impotence is the lack of erection of the penis in men, leading to the impossibility of sexual intercourse. Often this is undoubtedly a pathological condition, accompanied by a lack of desire (libido) and orgasm, accelerated ejaculation, which, of course, significantly reduces the quality (and quantity) of sexuality and hurts the psycho-emotional status of men, interpersonal and family relationships.

What is impotence?

For a long time, the diagnosis of “impotence” was given to all men, without exception, who complained to the doctor about the reduction in the duration and strength of erection. However, in a large number of these patients, a construction is preserved; it merely does not have enough power to have regular sexual intercourse.

Also, it turned out that men with a reduced quality of erection are much more than with her complete absence. So now the term “erectile dysfunction” is more commonly used, i.e., Erectile dysfunction, and impotence – just the extreme degree of these disorders.

There is also secondary impotence when a normal erection still was before, and primary – in those cases where there was never a normal erection. It is believed that sexual function weakens over time. It is not. In the absence of diseases that cause erectile dysfunction, every man can have a high-quality sex life in 50 and 60 years.

Why does this happen?

It used to be that the leading causes of impotence are problems of psychological properties or metabolic disorders of sex hormones. However, it is now clear that although the psychological factor contributes to the development of the disease, the main reason is cellular changes in the mechanism of erection. According to the latest data, among the leading causes of impotence and erectile dysfunction are:

Mental: depression, stress.

Nervous: injuries, damage to the intervertebral discs, multiple sclerosis, alcohol abuse, pelvic surgery, etc.

Arterial: hypertension, smoking, diabetes.

Venous: violations in the mechanism of limiting the outflow of blood from the penis.

Medicinal: taking pressure-reducing drugs, antidepressants, luteinizing hormone, some other drugs.

What’s happening?

There are many reasons, but the main culprits of reducing potency are progressive atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, tobacco and alcohol dependence. In these diseases, changes occur in the body’s vessels, as a result of which the walls of the veins and arteries lose their flexibility and elasticity, become brittle and brittle, which is one of the most frequent causes of impotence.

In the normal state, under the action of impulses of the central nervous system, the walls of the blood vessels of the penis relax, as a result of which the blood quickly fills the penis. Arteries increasing in volume squeeze small vessels, through which, in an unexcited state, blood is discharged into the veins; blood outflow decreases sharply, which ensures an erection.

However, the progression of atherosclerosis and, as a result, the deposition of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels, the use of drugs that reduce blood pressure, diabetic vascular lesions, alcohol abuse, stress, all this, together and separately, reduces the ability to normal erection.

Diagnosis and treatment

Calling for more attention to pay your health is not just empty words. According to statistics, only every tenth man, faced with sexual disorders, refers to a specialist. Meanwhile, in more than half of cases, an erection can be restored. It is only necessary to understand the causes of the problem correctly. And here you cannot do without expert advice – it is worth visiting an andrologist, who will take care of your problem.

First of all, the doctor will find out whether inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland, bladder, etc., are not hiding behind sexual disorders. To answer this question, you can also be referred to a urologist for consultation, followed by ultrasound, blood tests, and bacteriological tests. Smear.

If inflammatory diseases are not detected, the doctor may refer you to an appointment with an endocrinologist, since the impairment of potency is often associated with hormonal disorders. Individual tests will establish the content in the blood of one or another hormone.

Vascular disorders leading to impotence are identified using modern methods of research – Doppler ultrasound, modern techniques allow us to determine the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the blood supply to the penis.

About the choice of treatment methods, this question depends entirely on the cause of the disease. There are many methods – from medical treatment to surgical intervention.

In place of aphrodisiacs came the well-known and widely advertised “Viagra.” But this is not a panacea, as is commonly believed. “Viagra” has side effects, among which the most mildly – a sudden change in color perception, in which everything around becomes blue. But the list of more serious consequences of “Viagra” includes a headache and facial flushing and, in some cases, exacerbation of heart diseases, and this is not to mention the numerous fakes of this remedy. Therefore, taking Viagra or any other pills without consulting a doctor is impossible.

It is possible that in the end, the output will be intracavernous injections, the selection of stimulants or prosthetics of the penis.

As with any other sexual disorders, there will be no excessive consultation with a sex therapist or psychotherapist. According to the current times, it is not long to search for a specialist in impotence treatment, since there are already a sufficient number of specialized clinics.

The minds of doctors have long dominated the idea that the wrong emotional attitude is to blame for impotence. Today, the weakness of the stronger sex is increasingly explained by all sorts of malfunctions and malfunctions of the internal organs.

The most frequent failure in a man’s life is the well-known psychotherapist Sigmund Freud who called impotence. Since that time, medicine has achieved a lot, to the smallest detail, the technologies of diagnosis and treatment of sexual infertility have been worked out. But even now the problems with potency are the strongest blow to the male ego.

How to understand the causes of impotence?

To exclude urogenital diseases, consultation of a urologist or andrologist is necessary, followed by ultrasound examination, blood and sperm tests, bacteriological smears.

If there is a suspicion that your problem is related to hormonal disorders, consult an endocrinologist. Ultrasound examination of the endocrine glands, computed tomography may be necessary. Laboratory diagnosis will help establish the level of a hormone in the blood.

Vascular disorders are detected using Doppler ultrasound. Modern techniques allow us to determine the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the blood supply to the penis. For the same purpose, functional tests are assigned. Vasodilators are injected into the hollow bodies of the penis. At the same time, blood pressure in the artery of the penis and brachial artery is compared.

The neurologist will help to eliminate diseases of the spinal cord and brain, as well as peripheral nerves. Several multiple studies are sometimes assigned for this purpose – tomography of the brain and spinal cord, electroencephalography, electromyography.

The psychotherapist, sexologist or psychiatrist should assess the mental component of a sexual disorder. The primary diagnostic technology used by these specialists is a conversation with the patient, various methods of psychological testing.

How can a wife help her husband?

If it turns out that the root cause of erectile dysfunction is a physical disease, make sure that your husband followed the recommendations of the doctor.

If the reason lies in psychological discomfort, use our recommendations:

Cause of indisposition: fading of feelings

Solution: do not fall for the provocations of men. Wrinkles, glasses, cellulite absolutely nothing to do with. If only because, earlier he did not pay attention to these shortcomings, but now they suddenly prevented him. Saying hurtful words, a man wants to shift the responsibility on you. Do not insult him in return. Perhaps he was in a panic from his illness, and maybe your feelings for him began to fade. What to do?

A man now needs not sex, but a feeling of togetherness, psychological intimacy, emotions. Nothing is more precious than communication. Communicate with your husband, talk about his problems, affairs at work, parents’ health, dreams, plans, childhood, students, and the future. We are sure you will discover many new things. Share funny stories. Return friendship to your union!

Cause of indisposition: lack of novelty in sex

Solution: in sex, all ways are good if they are a pleasure. If your man is healthy physiologically or he has small deviations, he will like your initiative. Change the role of a passive participant to a passionate lover, buy yourself an outfit that your spouse would like. This may not necessarily be sexy underwear. Some may love an elegant long dress that emphasizes the passion that is hiding in you. Take a vacation – it is known that new places give new emotions and increase sensuality. Other tips can be read here.

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