How to use pain killers without prescription of the doctor?

Acute pain is often felt after an injury, and usually, it is short-lived. Most people have moderate to severe pain after surgery. Painkillers (analgesics) are prescribed to people with pain after wisdom teeth have been removed. Study participants should have hurt, at least of moderate intensity, and pain at which oral painkillers are usually prescribed [for ingestion]. This review is useful mainly for acute pain lasting only a few days or weeks, and not for chronic pain lasting for many months. In this review, we did not include information from studies on migraine, tension headaches, or intermittent pain.

To get rid of headaches, colic, spasms and other symptoms taken on their own – with the help of pain pills, which many have become a habit.

An anesthesiologist explains that any pain is a reason to check your body, you cannot always get by with a pill, but to harm yourself, sometimes analgin is enough.

You can drown out any pain, but with different consequences. Medicines can relieve the pain of almost any type, both at home and in the hospital.

Headache can be silenced by taking one pill for the whole day. And you can drink three or four tablets, but it will only help for a few hours. In the event of a bruise or sprain, the pain disappears almost immediately if we anoint the injury site or drink a pill.

The fact is that everything depends on the place of occurrence and the cause of the pain. In the event of a bruise, the pain is caused by the action of mechanical forces at the site of which irritation has occurred (inflammation of the tissues and nerve endings). The anger will pass – and the pain will pass. Taking pain medication, in this case, helps speed up the process.

In the case of a headache, everything is entirely different. The reason for its occurrence is a considerable amount. As long as we do not identify them, help is hard enough. You can go to the pharmacy and ask for “something from the head,” independently select drugs that help, but in this case, the person eliminates only the manifestation, an unpleasant feeling, and the reason remains, and the pain will still return.

According to the doctor, you can even hurt yourself with analgin, if you take it incorrectly, not in the dosage or in the case where another drug is required.

The adequately chosen remedy will speed up the treatment and not just relieve the pain.

All painkillers are divided into groups according to the main active ingredient or their combinations. Accordingly, each group is directed to its receptors in the body and has a specific effect on them. Pain caused by a spasm — for example, renal colic — can be treated with any spasmolytic, that is, a substance that relieves spasms, or an analgesic, but in combination, both drugs produce a more pronounced effect.

With toothache, you can take just a painkiller, and in combination with an anti-inflammatory drug, the result will be stronger, because in this case, the drugs help not only to stop the pain, but also begin to influence its causes.

Pain is always a sign that some malfunction has occurred in the body.

Increasing demand and the increasing popularity of painkillers is associated with a change in style and pace of life. Changed and attitude to their health and the body as a whole. After all, pain in its function is a signal that something is wrong in the body. Like in a car that a thief got into. Curing pain, we turn off this alarm without even going to check the vehicle, and the thief calmly does his job. Merely removing the painful effect, we can skip the development of the disease, up to oncology. Now people have no time to think about it: you have to run to work, to friends, children.

If there is no time for a visit to the doctor, then it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions. First, each drug has indications and contraindications. Secondly, the substances interact in different ways with each other: some strengthen, and some weaken the effect of another. Thirdly, it is necessary to observe the dosage strictly.

A single intake of painkillers, as a rule, cannot harm the body, says the doctor. But in the event of pain the second or third time, you need to seek qualified help – not everything that the doctor knows is written in the instructions.

Do not immediately drink pills, trying to get rid of the pain. Unpleasant sensations – an important signal from the body that something is wrong in it. So he warns us and asks for help.

The pain can be caused by a spasm or be the result of more severe problems. First of all, it is essential to understand what exactly caused the discomfort.

How to understand what caused the pain?

One of the easiest ways to find out is to take an antispasmodic. Its action is based on the fact that it relaxes the contracted muscle, the blood flow is restored, and the organ or the whole system begins to function normally again. If the result is not felt, it is better to go to the doctor.

Another type of painkiller, analgesic, of course, will relieve pain, but it will not eliminate its real causes. It will only temporarily eliminate discomfort and the problem that our body signals will remain.

In no case cannot ignore the pain in the abdomen. There are a lot of vital organs and systems of our body, in which just some kind of failure could occur. If you do not consult a specialist in time, the problem will not be solved by itself but will worsen, which may lead to the need for surgical intervention.

Take painkillers on time

Rules for taking painkillers, which need to learn before you have something sore

Typically, the action of tablets begins 20-30 minutes after they enter the body. If you feel the first symptoms of indisposition, then you should not postpone taking the medication. It is better to take a pill in advance.

Alcohol and drugs are incompatible.

Categorically you cannot drink alcohol medications or use it while taking medication. Alcoholic beverages can not only strengthen or, conversely, significantly weaken the effect of the drug, but also change the body’s reaction to it in a completely unpredictable way.

You cannot drink pills on an empty stomach

Rules for taking painkillers, which need to learn before you have something more.

First, before taking medicine, unless otherwise indicated in the instructions, it is advisable to eat. Well, or at least drink a glass of kefir. This is necessary to secure the stomach. Secondly, it is better to take painkillers with a glass of warm water or a cup of tea so that they get inside at least in a partially diluted form.

Do not exceed the permissible dose.

Rules for taking painkillers, which need to learn before you have something more.

This applies to both medications at a time, and per day. Sometimes the pain is so unbearable that you want to eat all the pills at once so that only she will quickly pass. However, this will only lead to side effects and further deterioration of health. Therefore, do not take more than 1-2 tablets at a time.

In the instructions of all drugs is also written, at what time interval and how many times a day you can take certain medications. No need to experiment on yourself and exceed the norm. If the medicine does not help or the pain does not go away, then it is better to consult a doctor.

Do not mix different analgesics.

Rules for taking painkillers, which need to learn before you have something sore

You cannot mix different groups of analgesics, making them at the same time. For drugs that should not be considered in combination with each other.

From the mixing of drugs, neither the speed of their action, nor the final result will improve, but the side effects will not take long to wait. For example, nausea, dizziness, weakness, muscle spasms and even breathing problems may occur.

Do not abuse drugs

Rules for taking painkillers, which need to learn before you have something sore

If you often take one or another painkiller, then the body at some point may get used to them, and the drugs will lose their effect. Also, our body is quite able to stop itself a little pain. If, however, to take painkillers even at the slightest discomfort, the agency will no longer cope with unpleasant sensations on its own. And he will always wait for help from the outside.

Be sure to consult a doctor

Self-treatment is not always effective, and sometimes it becomes dangerous. In case of severe or often recurring pains, as well as to select an anesthetic drug, it is better to consult a doctor.

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