Steroids-the Hidden Truth

Training programs, fat burners, sports nutrition, clothing, supplements, and vitamins are all advertised as a means to a dream. Millions of people spend every day their energy, time and money to achieve the primary goal – a beautiful athletic body. But this beautiful cover has a “dark side,” which is only talked about in narrow circles. In this article, you will read why steroids are dangerous for your health and why it should be used only with a prescription.

Today, the sport has become fashionable again. A beautiful muscular body, belly in cubes – the dream of most boys and girls who come to the gyms. I want to shine the body of Apollo as soon as possible, so many of the newbies themselves or on the advice of a “good” instructor sit down on drugs that stimulate enhanced muscle growth. Much to our regret, the majority sees in them a “magic” pill, without thinking about the further consequences for the organism.

There are heated debates on web forums — how serious consequences do people expect to take particular medications for building muscle quickly without a doctor’s prescription? Such a dream is the first sign of Alzheimer’s disease. Most people tend to trust the opinion of doctors who warn of substantial health risks.

Anabolic steroids are synthetic male hormones. The benchmark is testosterone. Other anabolic steroids have enhanced or weakened various qualities and properties of testosterone. There are tablets or injectable. The increase in the body’s level of synthetic testosterone entails an increase in the rate of recovery of muscle fibers and muscle growth. This is if in simple words and fit in one sentence. Anabolic steroids are a drug that helps to recover from severe injuries, burns, helps to maintain body weight in severe diseases (the same HIV).

How steroids work and why people use it for such a long time?

Anabolics, as the people call them, are a whole range of pharmacological agents, the action of which is aimed at enhancing the anabolic processes in the body. In other words, these are substances that accelerate the formation and renewal of cells, tissues and muscle structures. There are steroid and non-steroid. Anabolic steroids that mimic the action of the hormone male hormone – testosterone accelerate the synthesis of protein inside the cell, which leads to hypertrophy of muscle tissue.

The history of the use of anabolic steroids has several decades. Initially, the testosterone molecule was synthesized in 1935, and in 1940, testosterone propionate was used in patients for hormone-stimulating therapy. Over time, anabolic steroids began to be used in the world of sports.

You have to pay for everything

Nowadays, the range of drugs that we call generically anabolic steroids is extensive. What risks do everyone who dares to accept them need to know?

Their (anabolic steroids. -) original purpose – use for medical purposes. These are quite large groups of drugs that are generally used as replacement therapy in people who lack certain hormones. Synthetic analogs were developed to replace them. Over time, people began to use them in non-health situations. All this does not pass without a trace … By interfering with the body’s hormonal system, we can lead the organization to such a failure, which then turns into a risk of diabetes or hormonal changes, not counting such side effects as acne, skin rash, voice changes.

Heart risk

If we take the points of application of testosterone drugs or such drugs as growth hormones, then they act on all muscle tissue, there is no specific point of use, such as, for example, biceps or a press. The point of use is all the muscles of the body, and since the heart is also a muscle, it is hypertrophied. And very often bodybuilders, having performed, for example, at the competition “Mr. Olympia” and having won the first places, in 30–40 years passed away due to heart problems. This is another of the consequences of the use of hormonal steroid drugs.

This is the main danger of steroids. A man can become fruitless; this is a tape measure, where the bet is your testicles. Someone lucky, but some do not. At 20, you don’t think about family and children. In 20 years, many guys build up powerful muscles and look like bodybuilders. However, many destroyed families and broken fate because the man turned out to be fruitless. I think it is complicated when your beloved woman leaves you after the wedding because her instinct for the continuation of the race is many times stronger than love. Not everyone has money for artificial insemination.

So, the main danger of steroids is the high probability of infertility. Someone is lucky. Someone is not.

We break!

It is important to remember that anabolic steroids are strictly controlled drugs that can be purchased only by prescription.

These medicines cannot be bought in a pharmacy without a prescription, and many are intended only for hospitals. Acquisition of steroid drugs, stimulants of such a plan is associated with the risk of criminal punishment. People who bring them here and distribute, violate the law “,

Not all supplements are equally beneficial.

As the expert said, often girls, who are imposed on steroids under the guise of various innocent supplements, usually end up on the bait of instructors in sports clubs.

Sometimes the drug is taken unconsciously: a person comes to the gym, and some unscrupulous instructors immediately offer him to lose weight or gain weight, offering different “supplements.” We can advise these people not to trust the instructors, but to turn to nutritionist professionals. And, of course, do not buy from the hands of any drugs. We do not know where they are produced. As a rule, imported drugs are very expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy them.

We do not know where they are produced. As a rule, imported drugs are very expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy them. Many carry it all from China, and where was it done, in which laboratory? The dirtier the drug, the more side effects.

According to experts, drugs that stimulate the production of muscle mass, healthy people use in exceptional cases. For example, when an actor needs to gain muscle mass quickly. All this is done under the supervision of a nutritionist, a pharmacologist. Doctors control the formula of blood, hormones. This is a known risk and short-term use. But the person who goes for it in everyday life – risks without any excuses.

There are two more dangerous consequences: this increased blood pressure and elevated levels of harmful cholesterol. Anabolic steroids often cause fluid retention and thicken the blood, as well as increase the level of bad cholesterol. What does it mean? That’s right, and all this increases the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes. A competent chemist begins his day by taking medications to prevent blood liquefaction and drugs to lower bad cholesterol.

Acceptance of tableted steroids increases hepatic indices (bilirubin, alt, ast) by almost the same level as in a patient with hepatitis. In fairness, I note that after the abolition of the pills, these figures return to normal. Some people are not lucky, and from whom they do not respond to normal and have to undergo therapy.

In general, the liver is one of the most enduring organs in humans. But to use steroids in the form of tablets is nonsense doubly. Firstly, because steroids by themselves without medical indicators is strange. Secondly, the pill is ineffective and harmful. If we chose a chemist, then only a syringe and only intramuscularly.

Synthetic testosterone and its analogs have almost no effect on the liver. Moreover, testosterone is a natural hormone in the body of a man, and it is not toxic. A person physically cannot overdose on testosterone, and he does not have enough muscles for such some injections.

Aggression and insomnia – companions of anabolic steroids

In people who “sit” on the hormones of the steroid series, not only changes in muscle mass occur but also testosterone levels increase, which leads to increased excitability, aggressiveness, loss of self-control, insomnia. This can affect relationships with family, friends, and work.

Do not be lazy!

Gradual and slow work on yourself will still lead to the expected result, says a sports doctor.

There are different groups of drugs, using which we replace hormones. And some drugs stimulate their glands to produce hormone – growth hormones.

The man was injured, for example, the knee joint. And he has a long rehabilitation period, he has lost muscle mass, he needs to restore his leg, and for his leg to work after atrophy – he is recommended to use growth hormones. If your body functions normally, a person usually eats, you should not use growth hormones. Because we do not know what risks we take, we do not understand how human life will end and at what stage.

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