Proper Facial Skin Care: What Did You Do Wrong?

If you take care of the skin according to all the rules, oiliness and sensitivity will not cause anxiety, and wrinkles and pigmentation will increase with appearance. How many stages include competent care, what means at the same time to use and by what criteria to choose? We explain.

Why is it so important to care for your face?

Proper skin care is the basis of its freshness and youth. It is unreasonable to neglect this daily ritual because problems like wrinkles, ptosis (sagging), pigmentation are quite realistic to prevent or delay. What care can be called literate?

They are corresponding to skin type.

Timely, that is, responding to age-related needs (you can start caring for your skin from the age of 14).

Determine the type of skin

Choosing the right care products, you first need to determine your skin type. It depends on this parameter which textures, formulas and product categories are right for you.

How to choose a cream after 30 years?

Care products choose according to skin type.


Happy (and, statistically, rare) owners of normal skin do not know the problems. Their skin does not peel off from dryness, does not shine from fat content, does not react with redness and irritation to cosmetics and temperature drops. These people are unknown such troubles as black spots and acne. But only as long as they look after their skin. Therefore, it is necessary: thorough cleansing; regular exfoliation; maintaining moisture balance.


You will recognize dry skin immediately:

it is subtler; vessels are located quite close to the surface;

There are no visible pores, and own sebaceous glands work insufficiently intensively. Therefore there is a lack of sebum components (lipids, triglycerides).

Dry skin often looks dull, and wrinkles form faster on it. Therefore, care should be directed not only to hydration and nutrition but also to the prevention of premature aging and antioxidant protection. The main thing is not to confuse dryness with dehydration, which is associated with a lack of hydro fixes and increased evaporation of moisture from the skin surface. This phenomenon is often found in owners of oily skin. Unlike the temporary state of dehydration, dry skin type is a permanent phenomenon.


Oily skin is characterized by increased activity of the sebaceous glands. As a result, its main problems are excess shine; enlarged pores that quickly become dirty; unhealthy complexion; increased tendency to rash and inflammation.

Oily skin especially needs cleansing, which should be soft and delicate. Choose alcohol-free means so as not to cause dehydration — the primary needs of this type of surface – matting.


Mixed skin is the predominant type. It is characterized by fatness in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and the lack of obesity in the rest of the face. Care for such skin should also be combined, that is, meet the needs of different parts of the face: matting and moistening of the T-zone; hydration and nutrition of other sites.

How to care for your face?


Your skin can be called sensitive if it is characterized by increased reactivity, that is: reacts with redness and irritation to cosmetics; poorly tolerates temperature extremes; often scaly and itchy, and you feel a feeling of tightness and burning.

Owners of capricious skin usually know that they need particular products labeled “for sensitive skin,” avoid cosmetics with fragrances, dyes, and essential oils.

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Stages of proper care

Full daily skin care should consist of at least three essential steps: cleansing; toning; applying the cream.

Plus, several times a week it is recommended to use: peeling means to rid the skin of dead cells; masks for directional care.

Also, there are several optional remedies, such as serums, essences, oils.


It is recommended to clean the skin twice a day – in the morning and in the evening to remove impurities. Morning ritual involves only washing (depending on skin type, gel, foam or cream means are used). The evening session includes makeup removal with the help of milk or micellar water.


It is essential to relieve the skin of dead skin cells of the epidermis promptly using exfoliating agents such as scrub with abrasive particles of natural or synthetic origin; acid or enzyme-based peels; gommage, working on the principle of “rolling” dead cells.

The procedure of exfoliation should be carried out 1-2 times a week for oily and combination skin, one time in two weeks with the help of soft, delicate means – for dry.


Many people are too lazy to use a tonic, but this product, which completes the cleansing process, restores the pH of the skin and prepares it for the application of the following products. So they should not be neglected. Choose a tonic need following the type of surface.

Recently, essences came to Europe from Asia – this is an intermediate product that is applied after a tonic and in front of serum and creams to improve the penetration of beneficial substances into the skin. Such an essence exists, for example, in Kiehl’s brand arsenal.

Skin care after 30 years

The three main stages of skin care – cleansing, toning, applying the cream.


Apply face cream experts advise twice a day.

In the morning – afternoon

This cream performs various functions – from moisturizing and nutrition to photoprotection and rejuvenation.

Bedtime – night

At night means full texture. These remedies are performed, as a rule, by the functions of renewal and regeneration, because it is at night that the skin cells are intensively restored without being distracted by stress and the fight against harmful environmental factors.

From the age of 25, it is worthwhile to include eye cream in the beauty routine – at this age, the body begins the process of aging, although visually it is also imperceptible.


Face serums are products of aiming action, in their formulas the active components are concentrated to the maximum. Plasma on water, oil or gel base have the lightest texture and are applied to the cream. Modern tools solve a variety of skin problems – from matting to fighting free radicals.

Facial Cleansing

Optional skin care products – mask, serum, essence, oil.


Once or twice a week, as well as in stressful situations for the skin (for example, after long flights) you should use face masks. A considerable number of them, here are just three main varieties.

Moisturizing – with hyaluronic acid or aloe extract nourishes the skin with moisture, prevents its evaporation.

Anti-aging – for example, based on collagen, has a lifting effect and make the skin more elastic.

Purifying – by clay (kaolin) pulls out dirt from the pores and helps control sebum production. Therefore it is suitable for oily skin.

Masks can be cream; gel; tissue.

General recommendations

Proper facial skin care is not only respecting the beauty routine. No cream will work a miracle if you smoke, eat fast food and regularly break the daily routine.

Proper nutrition

It is established that milk, sugar and gluten-containing products are the least beneficial to skin health. According to nutritionists, the most suitable diet is fatty fish (trout, halibut, cod); fatty acid-rich foods like vegetable oils, nuts, and spinach; vegetables and fruits, which contain vitamins and antioxidants.

Drinking mode

Depending on body weight, you need to drink 1.5 or 2 liters of water per day so that the body does not experience a lack of moisture. Tea, coffee, juices, and broths do not count.

Protection against negative environmental factors

The unfavorable ecological situation leads to the fact that skin cells are exposed to attacks of free radicals, which damage them and lead to premature aging. For the fight against free radicals suitable cosmetics based on antioxidants: vitamins C and E, green tea extract, resveratrol.

Sun protection

Ultraviolet – one of the main culprits of early aging of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. To prevent photo-aging, it is necessary to protect the skin with SPF 30 and 50 products in the summer at the beach and SPF 20 – under other circumstances.

Healthy sleep

A full 8-hour sleep – one of the guarantors of the fact that the skin will remain fresh and healthy. Otherwise, dull complexion provided.

To give up smoking

Cigarette smoke is another source of harmful free radicals and toxins. Also, smokers’ skin suffers from a lack of oxygen and problems with microcirculation of the blood. Therefore, it coarsens, dims and wrinkles much earlier.

As a rule, girls pay insufficient attention to the use of sunscreen. And in vain, because the skin needs protection not only in summer, and not just when going to the beach, but every day. It is always necessary to remember that the sun is the enemy of skin number one. Acquire cosmetic sun protection products with an SPF index of at least 15. In the summer, it is advisable to purchase products with a higher index for more effective protection from the scorching sun.

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