The Most Popular Side Effects of the Most Popular Drugs!

If you open your first-aid kit, what will you find there? There is probably activated carbon, headache pills, some prescription drugs, and antihistamines. But if you tolerate a drug well, it does not mean that it has no side effects. For example, allergy medications cause drowsiness, and pills to relieve pressure can cause headaches or nausea. Then we will talk about the most popular side effects of popular medicines.

When we get sick or vice versa we try to resist diseases with all our strength, we usually immediately run to doctors or take on self-medication. But are all these pills and mixtures so good? This is quite a controversial issue, and we in no way urged to refuse medications, but urge you to weigh their benefits and harms carefully. This article will tell you about the side effects that can usually be silent in hospitals.

Ibuprofen can burn you alive

In incredibly rare cases (about five out of every million patients), the side effect of taking Ibuprofen is Stevens-Johnson syndrome, an acute toxic and allergic disease with burns on the skin and mucous membranes. Patients who continue to make this drug after diagnosing SJS may experience toxic epidermal necrolysis, which causes burns all over the body and is fatal in 30 percent of cases.

And make you give up coffee

Ibuprofen is also associated with a rare specific type of gastric ulcer that causes internal bleeding. Coffee, especially if you drink a drink on an empty stomach, provokes the production of hydrochloric acid, which further eats away the walls of the organ. Also, the drug is associated with a reduction in life expectancy, so think twice before reaching for a first aid kit at the first sign of a headache.

“Viagra” can lead to amputation of the reproductive organ

Men who have problems with potency have heard tips a million times to visit a doctor if an erection lasts more than 4 hours after taking Viagra. At first glance, this may seem surprising, but this side effect is a sign of priapism. This means that the blood vessels of the reproductive organ refuse to relax and in the most extreme cases, this can lead to amputation. Look for alternative ways to increase potency before you shell out for small blue pills.

Aspirin can cause bruising all over the body.

Aspirin is a component of most blood thinners. The most unexpected side effect of a substance is the formation of random bruises on the body. Penicillin provokes hallucinations

Penicillin is the first antibiotic in the world to open the century of modern medicine. There seems to be no reason for us to want to go back to treatment with herbs and tinctures, except for a severe hallucinogenic effect. Some patients can hear, see and feel things that have nothing to do with reality.

Antibiotics cause yellowing of the skin

Also, penicillin can provide your skin and eyes with a natural icteric shade. Fortunately, the symptoms of jaundice are infrequent. Only 0.2 percent of patients reported this side effect.

Penicillin provokes the development of color blindness

Penicillin can cause the growth of color blindness in men. Under this condition, it becomes impossible to distinguish between red and green colors.

Flu vaccine leads to urticaria

The flu vaccine is something that many of us use every year. Did you know that every year, doctors develop new vaccines for us, as viruses mutate and continuously adapt to new conditions? And if, after another vaccination, you show signs of a severe allergic reaction on your body, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Eye drops cause upset stomach

Doctors still have not figured out the reason for this correlation. However, Travoprost eye drops, aimed at relieving the symptoms of conjunctivitis, itching and tearing, in some cases can provoke an upset stomach. “Ofloxacin” can cause itching

The antibacterial drug “Ofloxacin,” which is used to treat an ear infection, has a strange side effect – itching in the area of the genital organs.

And also provoke severe emotional distress

Also, these ear drops have more severe side effects. Some patients talked about the painful emotional suffering that is not similar to any mental disorder. Confusion of consciousness makes you forget about your own identity, place and time in which you are located. This can sometimes interfere with the ability to use and understand human language. “Dextromethorphan” causes hallucinations

If you are often coughy and take too much antitussive called Dextromethorphan, you may experience quite powerful hallucinations. Presumably, these symptoms come with a temporary feeling of euphoria, so keep your pills out of the reach of children.

Anesthesia can cripple your life

Even though anesthesia in medicine has been used for two centuries, doctors still cannot understand how this works. In particular, before delivering the patient to the operating room, he is usually asked standard questions about the tolerability of drugs. But no specialist has a complete picture of what side effects local or general anesthesia can cause. According to one of the medical reports, patients may suffer bouts of delirium, face confusion and even memory loss for the rest of their lives. Testosterone reduces fertility

Paradoxically, but the male sex hormone, which bodybuilders usually take to increase muscle mass, negatively affects the ability to leave offspring. The most common side effect is associated with a decrease in the number of sperm in the seed.

“Prednisone” will reduce your growth

According to researchers from the Mayo Clinic, the wide-spectrum steroid drug Prednisone, which is used to treat ulcerative colitis, asthma, and gout, can potentially trigger a decrease in patient growth.

Sleeping pills cause sleepwalking

If you suffer from sleepless nights, we advise you not to rely on sleeping pills by trying safer alternative measures. Taking pills can cause parasomnia or somnambulism.

Prozac provokes bouts of thirst

One of the strangest side effects of Prozac, a well-known anti-depressant, is a powerful thirst. Psychotherapists still cannot explain why this happens.

“Zyrtec” causes difficulty during urinating

Make sure you are not taking both Prozac and Zyrtec. Many patients suffering from allergic reactions have reported pain during urinating. Your body will be put in a catastrophe mode if you are doing too much while taking antidepressants in parallel. To avoid this problem, you will have to take care of alternative methods of alleviating the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Alcohol causes blurred vision and darkening of the eyes

We put juice in the category of drugs, as a small amount of alcohol helps to stop the common cold and increases the body’s resistance to infections. The therapeutic dose of red wine is prescribed for hypertension and atherosclerosis. However, anything that goes beyond the norm can cause a loss of clarity of vision. In the long run, this leads to astigmatism and cataracts.


Unfortunately, this extremely complicated procedure that ultimately kills the complete immunity is the only way to treat cancer. But, to deep dismay, more than thirty percent of people die already from the effects of this medicine, and not the disease itself. Because the chemotherapy is destroyed during the immune system, a person becomes extremely vulnerable to even the most insignificant virus, and as a result, can die from a common cold.


It is prescribed exclusively for severe inflammatory processes in the body and, unfortunately, it is often the only effective drug. But it should be taken with caution to people with high blood sugar, diabetics, as well as people with a lack of calcium or potassium in the body. It flushes out minerals from the body, may contribute to the appearance of gastric ulcers, also has an ambiguous effect on the human psyche, for example, may cause insomnia.


This drug is used mainly during anesthesia. It doesn’t have a lot of consequences, mostly they manifest during withdrawal ”and under the supervision of doctors. These include hallucinations, delusions, drastic mood swings, and feelings, comparable to the narcotic “arrival.”

Flu vaccine

This medicine has the weakest and fewest side elements, but on the other hand, they are awful for the body as a whole. The fact is that it causes a syndrome of “lazy immunity.” The organization gets used to it and stops fighting diseases. Therefore, the vaccine should not be abused.

Sedatives with benzodiazepines

This group of drugs is quite numerous; one of its brightest representatives is temazepam. Typically, these drugs are prescribed for increased nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, as additional agents for epilepsy, as well as for a variety of muscle spasms.

Yes, it works well, but has some extremely unpleasant properties. For example, they are addictive with too long use. When you stop taking a person can be very real breaking as if the Commissar. Also, because of the principle of work, they essentially loosen the nervous system, making it unable to cope with even minor stresses on its own. Besides, the level of aggression may increase, and in the presence of latent psychosis and neurosis there is a risk of their

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