Superfood for Your Potency!

What is the best food for male potency? Each member of the stronger sex asks this question, perhaps. Doctors believe that man should include a diet with zinc and iron to preserve male power.

What is terrible for the erection

Experts believe that some foods are enzymes that reduce testosterone production and worsen erection.

The following foods are believed to lower the potency:

Smoked meat and sausages

They contain toxins that adversely affect the work of the testicles. As a result, the hormonal disruption may occur in the body. Besides, the abuse of this food can lead to the development of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Alcoholic beverages

Doctors believe that it is harmful to drink alcohol in any quantity. This is because even in small doses of alcohol there are toxins that dull the production of testosterone. Besides, beer contains female hormones, which adversely affect erections.

Carbonated drinks

They contain a lot of sugar and caffeine. These substances lead to dehydration and reduce sperm motility.

Fat milk

This drink contains a large amount of estrogen, which adversely affects male libido.

Fast food

Regular consumption of fast food adversely affects erections. Also, the toxins in these products worsen testosterone production.

Mayonnaise and ketchup. There is cholesterol in these nutritional supplements, which impairs circulation. Also, mayonnaise and ketchup contain harmful fats that adversely affect reproductive function.

Foods high in caffeine

As you know, this substance destroys free testosterone and entails impotence.

Principles of diet for male power

Diet for potency at home should be based on certain principles of nutrition. The main one is the balance of nutrition, which provides for the inclusion in the food of products that act not only directly on the potency, but also the work of the male circulatory, endocrine, and nervous systems. Such a combination of food is necessary since any disruption in the functioning of these systems negatively affects the sexual sphere of a man. To regulate the circulatory system, you need to eat more seafood, fish and include green or weak red tea in your food. For the normal functioning of the endocrine sphere, it is recommended to introduce spinach and celery in the diet.

Proper nutrition for men, necessary to increase potency and improve it, should include various spices and nuts which have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

During the choice of food, it is necessary to give preference to such food, which will provide the body not only with useful substances but also with energy. It should not be forgotten that the potency is mostly influenced by food, rich in fiber, proteins, but deficient in fats. Therefore, a diet with impotence for men up to 50 years can not do without the meat of low-fat varieties and cereals. At a later age, animal fat in food is recommended to be replaced with vegetables.

In addition to balance, nutrition to improve erection and increase potency is based on the principles of granularity and consistency. Food should be eaten in small portions, preferably at the same time. Diet to increase power for men should last more than one month to restore sexual function fully. Regular repetition of food balance will reduce the likelihood of recurrence of erection problems.

Useful products and rules of their use

Many different foods have a positive effect on potency. But diet can increase and maintain masculine power only when used correctly.


Such food is rich in vitamins and microelements that restore the hormonal balance of a man’s body. This food can raise the level of erectile functioning and enhance libido quickly. The most useful vegetables include:

•    Carrot

•    Beet

•    Tomatoes

•    Radish

•    Cabbage

•    Celery

To quickly achieve a visible effect on sexual disorders, it is necessary to eat such food every day, eating foods raw.


No healthy diet cannot do without fruit, but such a standard option, like apples, cannot do here. Oranges, peaches, pears, and avocados are considered to be the most useful in solving this problem. Another favorite fruit that increases male power is persimmon. Such food can help if you eat fruit in raw or dried form. After heat treatment, the beneficial effects of diet are reduced.


Food with spices can increase erections, and, moreover, spices improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The most useful spices include:

•    Turmeric

•    Ginger

•    Kari

•    Red chili pepper

•    Cardamom

When eating food with phytosterol vegetables or fruits, spices should be eaten without fail, as they are aimed at suppressing hormones. What is on this list, every one must decide for himself, as some spices have some contraindications.


Porridge made from pearl barley, buckwheat, millet or rice, has long been considered a useful food to increase potency. This food contains a large amount of fiber and vitamins that improve microcirculation in the genitals, thereby increasing sexual potential. Also, this food includes a lot of phosphorus and zinc, which are essential for raising testosterone levels.

Before including cereal porridge in food, it is recommended to be examined by a gastroenterologist, who will determine which dish is better to add in the menu and whether this nutrition has a positive effect on the body.

Change the diet

Doctors have a saying: to cure something, first of all, change your eating habits. To increase potency, the following products should be included in the menu:


This product is a storehouse of beneficial micronutrients. Oysters also contain useful amino acids and zinc. Doctors believe that these substances can increase potency by 2-3 times. It is best to use raw oysters, as during heat treatment all the nutrients evaporate. For better effect, you can add a little lemon juice to the oysters.


This fish is the most potent aphrodisiac. It has long been believed that to increase potency you need to eat a large number of vitamins of groups A, E and B. All of them are contained in a flounder. Also, this product includes high-quality protein. Note that people prone to allergic reactions should not use flounder.


As you know, fatty acids are required to increase the potency of a man. The best source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids is mackerel. Also, the regular use of this product has a positive effect on the activity of sperm. Even mackerel contains a lot of iodine, which, in turn, is a powerful aphrodisiac.


It has long been believed that you need to eat a lot of vegetables to increase potency. Doctors explain this by the fact that this product contains a large amount of fiber and other trace elements that have a beneficial effect on strength. Note that turnips also contain minerals that stimulate testosterone production.


Fish contains a lot of iodine and phosphorus. Doctors say that these microelements contribute to the increase in potency better than particular medications.


This product contains large amounts of vitamin E, zinc and magnesium. It is these substances that are best able to increase the potency. Doctors believe that 40-50 grams of walnuts are useful daily. Alternatively, you can eat hazelnuts or peanuts. Nuts also contain large amounts of fatty acids, which have a beneficial effect on potency.

Meat and chicken eggs

Experts believe that it is useful to eat meat for the potency. This product contains a large amount of beneficial protein that is easily absorbed by the body. Also, when meat enters the human body, thyroxin begins to be produced. This hormone has a beneficial effect on the maintenance of hormonal excitability of the nerve centers. It is believed that the most useful meat is beef, turkey, chicken, and lamb. It is advisable to cook these products in boiled water since they lose all beneficial properties when roasting.


Even though cholesterol is not classified as a useful substance, it has a positive effect on potency. To make it right, it is recommended to take the rule every day to eat foods with a small amount of cholesterol. In order not to overdo it with its quantity, it is recommended to include a quail egg in the diet. The most significant effect will be if you take a cocktail of quail eggs for potency.

By consuming it, a man will not only restore an erection but also improve the quality of the ejaculate. In most cases, this cocktail is prescribed for problems of reproductive function. Proper nutrition allows you to avoid problems with erection and restore it without medication. But for this, you need to know exactly what to eat to correct the situation. Therefore, before you decide what you need to eat, to increase the potency, it is advisable for a man to visit a specialist who will help correct the intended nutrition and explain what is useful with this problem.

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