Successful people with terrible diseases

When you look at photographs taken by paparazzi, on which celebrities of various sizes shine, a thought sometimes comes to mind: the life of stars is nothing more than a continuous holiday. But, of course, this is not so, because even the most successful people on our planet are ordinary people with their problems. And health problems are no exception. For example, Oscar laureate Halley Berry has been living with diabetes for almost 30 years, and skin cancer has been diagnosed in beauty Chloe Kardashian. This is unbelievable because people with such serious diseases continue to create, overcoming all sorts of obstacles.

Halley Berry and Tom Hanks: Diabetes

Almost 30 years ago, during the shooting of the mini-series “Live Dolls,” a tragic situation occurred. Then still aspiring actress Halley Berry fell into a coma. The girl was hospitalized, and after they made a disappointing diagnosis: type 1 diabetes. In an interview, the actress confessed: it took a long time to accept her illness because she learned about her illness only at 23 years old.

According to the actress, after each significant event with alcohol, desserts and various dishes she was in for a painful recovery period. It was then that Halley thought about her health. For many years she has not consumed alcohol and leads a healthy lifestyle. This allows a 52-year-old woman to look 15 years younger than her age. It is worth noting that the actress first became a mother at 42 years old.

Tom Hanks was in a similar position. For more than 20 years, the actor has struggled with elevated blood sugar levels, but the actor’s lifestyle with regular stress, lack of sleep, and unhealthy diet has done his job. For example, for the movie “Outcast” Tom lost weight by 25 kg, and the film “Their league” recovered by 14 kg.

In October 2013, Tom Hanks admitted to David Letterman on the air that he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. After learning about the disease, the actor decided to abandon his old habits to please his fans with his creativity as long as possible.

Pamela Anderson: Hepatitis C

The essential rescuer from Malibu was diagnosed with hepatitis C back in 2002. According to Pamela Anderson, she became infected with this virus back in the 90s from her legitimate spouse when they made tattoos with a single needle. The actress was treated for the disease for almost 13 years. In 2015, Pamela Anderson reported that thanks to a new experimental course of treatment, she managed to get rid of the virus.

Tom Cruise: Dyslexia

Tom Cruise’s childhood was not an easy one. The ultimate sex symbol of America grew up in a large family, as a teenager, survived a divorce of parents, and by age 14 had time to change 15 schools. But the most challenging test for Cruise was his dyslexia.

Because of dyslexia, as well as the accompanying disgrafia, he was abused at school and considered an outcast. After all, the boy hardly read by syllables and practically could not write. With such a set of “skills” in each new school, he quickly became an idiot. But it was this heavy burden that helped Tom Cruise discover his acting talent. Being “ignorant” in the classroom, he was transformed on stage in school plays.

Now Cruise does not have problems with reading scripts and contracts, because specially hired personnel are doing this for a millionaire.

Angelina Jolie and Shannen Doherty: Breast Removal

In the summer of 2015, Shannen Doherty sued her former manager. According to the lawsuit, the manager incorrectly issued the actress’s medical insurance, which, in her opinion, could not get timely treatment and had breast cancer metastasized to her lymph nodes.

For almost four years Shannen has been struggling hard with cancer. To halt the development of the disease, the actress underwent several courses of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, as well as partial mastectomy, which in simple terms means breast removal. More recently, the actress reported remission – a condition where the tumor is under control and can be treated.

A few years earlier, Angelina Jolie found herself in a similar situation. The mother and aunt of the actress at a relatively young age have died after a long illness – the so-called tumor syndrome, which is inherited. And Angelina after passing medical examinations decided to remove the mammary glands and ovaries.

Jolie’s genetic analysis showed an 87% chance of developing breast cancer in the future and a 51% uterine cancer risk. The actress made operation to escape from a non-existent, but without emergency measures, an almost imminent threat.

Michael J. Fox

Officially about the illness of Michael Jay Fox, it became known in 1998. Then the actor admitted to his colleagues in the workshop that in the early 90s he was diagnosed with a neurological disease, Parkinson’s disease. When the actor first went to the doctor because of the twitching little finger, he was given a disappointing verdict: a maximum of 10 years of active life.

After his recognition, the star of the “Back to the Future” trilogy took a break in his career, directing all his strength to treatment. During this break, Michael J. Fox wrote three biographical books in which he described in detail the nuances of life with Parkinson’s disease, and also became the founder of a charitable foundation. The efforts of this organization managed to raise $ 350 million for the study of this disease.

Sarah Hyland: Kidney Dysplasia

The star of the American Family series Sarah Highland has suffered from health problems since her early childhood. At the age of 9, Sarah found an extremely unpleasant disease – renal dysplasia. For more than ten years, the girl struggled with the illness, but in 2012 she had to undergo a kidney transplant, which her father had donated for her.

It is worth noting that organ transplantation improved Sarah’s condition, but did not cure it completely. Because of poor health, the girl rarely appears at public events, and fans of her heroine, Haley Dunphy, increasingly notice changes in the appearance of the actress. In her Instagram, she frankly shares with subscribers the problems she has to face due to illness: from critical weight loss to a constantly swollen face.

Michael Phelps: hyperactivity and attention deficit

American swimmer Michael Phelps, the only 23-time Olympic champion in the history of sports, to his triumph, wriggled shoulder to shoulder with a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity. Neurological-behavioral developmental disorder began in Michael’s childhood. The main symptoms of hyperactivity are difficulty concentrating and also the inability to complete what has been started. In his interviews, the trainer Phelps said that at times the swimmer forgot the way to the locker room, and their training became a living hell.

However, thanks to the efforts of the athlete and the people around him, Phelps managed to reach unimaginable heights in the world of sport. Now Michael Phelps is going through a difficult period. After the end of his sports career, the Olympic champion lost his life motivation and is now struggling with depression.

Mila Kunis: partial blindness

Over the years, Mila Kunis, one of the most sought after women in contemporary cinema, was blind to one eye. The cause of partial blindness is iritis. Due to the inflammation of the iris, the actress did not see well, her vision was blurred, and the objects blurred. The girl for a long time postponed a trip to the specialists, but in 2010, Mile underwent an operation, inserting an artificial lens. By the way, the blindness of the actress was kept in the strictest secret until the full restoration of vision after the operation.

Hugh Jackman and Chloe Kardashian: Skin Cancer

In 2013, the performer of the role of Wolverine Hugh Jackman was diagnosed with skin cancer. And since then, the actor has not only completed chemotherapy courses but also experienced six skin transplants. Jackman’s diagnosis is basal cell carcinoma. This is a type of cancer of the skin when a malignant tumor develops from the lower layer of the epidermis. Carcinoma appears on those areas of the skin that are the longest under the scorching sun, for example, on the nose. In his Twitter, Hugh Jackman without embarrassment shares with the subscribers the facts of his life, which, among other things, relate to his illness.

The youngest of the Kardashian sisters is also remarkably frank with its multimillion army of fans. The proof of this is not only the family show, in which the girl has been filmed for more than ten years but also her posts on social networks. In one of her posts, Chloe said that in 2008 a malignant tumor was found on her body, which was formed from a mole. Doctors had to transplant 20 cm of skin on the back of a celebrity to save her from the threat of life. Thanks to the efforts of specialists and constant observation, the doctors managed to suspend the course of the disease.

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