Are You Ready to Forget About the Diseases?

How to start?

First of all, we should exclude everything that causes our diseases:

1) the displacement of the vertebrae and, as a result, the disruption of informational links in the body;

2) slagging of capillaries, cell membranes, blood;

3) violation of the full breathing;

4) an imbalance between the body’s opposing forces (acids and alkalis, the left and right hemispheres of the brain, veins and arteries, the parasympathetic and sympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system, etc.);

5) psycho-emotional disorders;

6) malnutrition;

7) inactivity.

How to eliminate the displacement of the vertebrae and the violation in connection with this information links in the body?

We already know that everything in the body is interrelated. Any signals coming from the environment and every cell of the body are transmitted to the brain via nerves (like via electrical or telephone wires).

The brain is the organ that controls all functions of the body, whether conditioned or unconditioned reflexes, voluntary actions, breathing, heart activity, digestive processes, etc. The brain sends impulses (signals) to all organs and cells of the body, from where it returns to the mind the answers. This is a continuous information communication in the organization. The nerve centers are concentrated in the brain, which controls the responses, coordinate the physiological processes of all cells and organs, create a balance of power, a feeling of harmony, peace, and joy.

As soon as the brain receives information and evaluates it, it immediately forms the necessary “orders,” “new orders” to protect the life of the organism, which is directly sent along the nerves to the cells.

In response to signals from the brain, endocrine glands, for example, synthesize the necessary hormones that are released into the bloodstream and spread to all cells and bodily fluids. Hormones that carry the energy of the sun, air, and food regulate various metabolic processes.

The destruction of informational connections in the body caused by injuries of the vertebrae entails an imbalance of all forces: energy, biochemical, biophysical, biomechanical, environmental, etc. toxins (high blood pressure, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, etc.).

In orthodox medicine, such symptoms are called terrible diseases (for example, hypertension or hypotension). They have a desperate drug struggle, instead of eliminating vertebral microtraumas, as well as their causes.

It is known that the vertebral column consists of individual vertebrae, which are continually shifting as soon as a person gets up, sits down, starts walking. Any shift of the vertebra compresses the nerves and blood vessels coming from this vertebra, which cease to function normally, resulting in disturbed nutrition and innervation of the cells of internal organs. This is one of the causes of human diseases.

If the abnormalities that occur in the spinal column are not permanently corrected, an intervertebral hernia may form, which usually recommends surgical treatment or the imposition of gypsum for several months. And no matter how skeptics treat this, it must be remembered: the best X-ray cannot always reveal those minimal vertebral injuries that make human life unbearable.

It happens that the subluxations of the lungs become self-inflicted, but more often than not, the muscles located near the subversive vertebra become strained, preventing it from returning to its original position.

In this case, the best method of treatment is the daily implementation of the Six Rules of Health under the Nishi System, diet and drinking regime, as well as air and water procedures, autogenic training aimed at the diseased organ.

It is especially vital to switch to a salt-free diet at this time, since, due to the subluxation of the vertebrae, the functions of the kidneys, skin, lungs and other excretory organs are limited. Salt-free diet helps reduce muscle inflammation.

Besides, it is necessary to introduce foods rich in potassium in the menu: carrots, cabbage, horseradish, garlic, potatoes, green peas, black currants, cucumbers, parsley, grapefruits, tomatoes, dried apricots, raisins, prunes, etc. 4 glasses of water with apple cider vinegar and honey. Rubbing apple cider vinegar into the skin is essential.

Especially useful are warm baths and compresses.

A massage, even if performed by a highly qualified specialist, can bring not so much benefit as harm.

And not every doctor knows the art of repositioning the vertebrae manually.

So, first of all, continuously monitor the condition of the spine and your posture.

Fulfillment of the first and second rules of health, which are a firm flatbed and a firm pillow-roller, will not only eliminate the subluxations of the spine, but also ensure the proper functioning of the capillaries, which means good blood circulation, nutrition, oxygen flow to the brain, information and environmental balance of all connections in the body.

2. How to restore the function of the capillaries?

We already know that our cells receive vital energy and nutrition thanks to the work of the capillaries. The capillaries carry food, oxygen, water to the cells, and the back is “carried out” by decomposition products, spent substances. If the capillaries are compressed for a long time, the nutrition of the cells, the functioning of the organs and the viability of the whole organism are disturbed, and human life is threatened.

If you increase the access of oxygen to the brain, to every cell in the body; If you open up the gaps of tens of thousands of closed capillaries by the regime, you will not encounter a single disease that has not been eliminated by your treatment.

Since ancient times, it was believed that diseases are associated with the condition of the limbs.

Most of all venous capillaries and glomus (control blood regulator) are in the limbs. The heart is only a muscle for regulating and coordinating purified blood, the engine of which is the capillaries.

Capillaries are small hearts scattered throughout the body. They regularly pulsate and vibrate. In essence, capillaries are roads, communications, along which energy, information, and nutrition are supplied to the cells of our body along with blood. Venous capillaries, abundantly branched in the extremities, carry away the decay products from the cells to the excretory and cleansing organs – the skin, lungs, kidneys, and liver.

The condition of our glomus practically ensures the state of the immune system. And it is possible to strengthen and renew the glomus, to activate its function if the Six rules of health are carried out daily, and especially the exercises “For capillaries,” “Goldfish,” “Closure of feet and palms,” “For back and abdomen.”

The fourth rule of health is aimed at cleansing the capillaries and restoring them from the inside. This is a beautiful deep massage of all skin cells, all vessels of the body from the mucous membrane lining the ship, like a lining. I am very sorry for the patients whom the doctors recommend not to move, explaining that supposedly a thrombus could “come off” – there can be no greater ignorance in the idea of the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

We need to know that blood circulation depends on the work of the muscles. Regularly contracting, they are like a physiological pump. When the muscles are resting, they reduce their “pumping” action, and the capillaries, left without physiological assistance, stop working. This can lead to death. On the contrary, “jogging” lying on your back, that is, performing the exercise “For capillaries,” enables the capillaries of a person, even long-bed-ridden, to function actively and thereby increase blood circulation without stress on the heart and diseased organs.

How to eliminate psycho-emotional disorders in the body?

The vast majority of people frivolously spend their life energy only on pleasure. When it is necessary for protection against disease or the struggle for survival, it often lacks in the body. With a more rational attitude of a person to vital energy, an organism would easily have conquered disease, but in the absence of such, it loses the battle and is forced to use its reserves. When the reserves are exhausted, the body, without support, begins to make functional errors. Without daily work on themselves, these errors are accumulated.

Thus, the man himself creates a limit for himself, sets a ceiling, above which he cannot rise in his development.

By stupidity and some incomprehensible thoughtlessness, these people voluntarily chain themselves to illnesses, condemning them to slave dependence on any circumstances.

At first, inspiring an optimistic mood and, seemingly, being engaged only in the restoration of physical health, a person slowly for himself brings his body and his functions to such changes that allow him to rise to a completely different spiritual height.

If you persist for 10 minutes, closing your eyes, a person inspires himself with constructive, optimistic thoughts. These thoughts are deposited in his mind, the consciousness perceives them with his usual skepticism towards everything new (this is his function). The knowledge already has the general information that some part of the body or organ is sick (sometimes this frightening diagnosis leads a person to despair, which, naturally, interferes with recovery).

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